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Downloads 48 Drivers, Manual and BIOS for Acer Aspire Notebooks & Tablet PCs. Here’s where you can download the newest software for your Aspire Drivers filed under: Acer Aspire Drivers. GO. RSS Feed for this tag 8 applications total Last updated: Feb 2nd , GMT. Acer Aspire Notebook Atheros WLAN Driver for Win7 downloads. Network Card | Atheros. Windows 7. Feb 2nd , GMT. download. Get help for your Acer! Identify your Acer product and we will provide you with downloads, support articles and other online support resources that will help you get the most out of your Acer product. Get Support. Register a Product. Drivers and Manuals |.


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Acer Drivers free download – Acer Crystal Eye Webcam Driver for Extensa, WLan Driver n Rel. zip, Bluetooth Driver Verzip, and many more programs. Free ACER Aspire drivers for Windows Vista (page 2). Found 10 files. Select driver to download. ACER Aspire drivers for Windows Vista. Free drivers for ACER Aspire for Windows Vista. Found 10 files. Please select the driver to download. Additionally, you can choose Operating System to see the drivers that will be compatible with your OS. If you can not find a driver .
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Hitachi 3-D Experiments Revisited…

By the evening, material arrived in time about a new method of transmitting stereo images, which we mentioned this morning (see. 3-D display, Hitachi version). In fact, everything turned out to be simpler, but also more complicated, because the system created by Hitachi and called Transpost does provide a 360-degree all-round view using 24 mirrors, however, at what cost… oh, something reminded me of a classic spherical horse in a vacuum. Okay, gist first.

This morning, the Hitachi Human Interaction Laboratory (HHIL) recalled its existence with a press release, which introduced a stereo vision system through holography, without the use of stereo glasses. The three-dimensional image created by the Transpost system can be seen with the naked eye. For those to whom the communication channel allows to download a couple of clips without sacrificing the budget, I can recommend two clips – the first (3.8 Mb, MPEG) and the second (1.3 Mb, MPEG), shot by our Japanese colleagues during the presentation of the technology. To everyone else I will try to convey the essence of technology in words, within the framework of the understanding available to me.

so. A preset scene or scene (!), intended for shooting in the form of a stereo photo or video, scanned using a digital camera and a system of 24 mirrors arranged in a circle. Then, a special Transpost projection system with a height of a couple of meters, based on an LCD projector and a cylindrical mirror system, recreates this very stereo effect.

Don’t ask me how it really works, see pictures and clips. 🙂 The main thing that the company’s engineers emphasize is two things: it does not concern you at all in what position the object was shot, you can really see its full 3-dimensional projection. Plus, the effect itself, according to Hitachi, is at least connected with the digitization of the picture – theoretically, the same can be obtained in the analog. And finally, a highlight: when demonstrating the capabilities of Transpost technology, a trivial home LCD projector is used, with support for XGA resolution (1024 x 768) and a frequency of up to 30 fps.

Here, such is the simplicity, which, as you know, is worse… Japanese colleagues have already managed to go through the news with their iron and, as an option, figured out the appearance of a 24-projector system instead of piling up a bunch of mirrors. 🙂 However, the specialists from Hitachi are not discouraged and even threaten to present a video from Star Wars to the audience next time. It is clear that the technology is only at the beginning of the path and a lot of time will pass until we can say that it has left the state of the concept. However, these attempts to shoe a flea with a 24-eyed electron microscope so far only amuse me. Ok, let’s see…

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