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May 14,  · For Bounty Board, try to get Gems & Blue Crystal 2 stars+, and Gold & Hero’s Essences 3 stars+ If you are on level 1 – level 4 Bounty Board, get 2 stars+ mis. Dec 02,  · Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Many features of AFK Arena are either locked behind your campaign progression or VIP level. This is a list of all feature unlock requirements. AFK Arena. AFK Arena. Tools. Probability Calculator Bounty Board: Complete Stage Fast Reward: Complete Stage Wishlist: Complete Stage Resonating Crystal: Complete Stage


Afk arena bounty board.Bounty Board | AFK Arena Wiki | Fandom

Instructions the bounty board calculator. Copy the table to your Google disk so that you can make changes to -> create a copy. In future, you are necessary to work with your copy of the calculator. Then add the number of tasks from the board, which you have actively in the column “number of tasks”. The tasks highlighted in green in the. May 28,  · Help bring peace to the AFK Arena world by taking dangerous quests from the Bounty Board. You can either do the quest alone or using the help from your friends. The bounties are huge so make sure you don’t miss new bounty quests every day! /5(5). The expected value of rerolling gold bounties is approximately ~+25 diamonds. The cost of refreshing is 50 diamonds, so if you have 2 gold bounties, it is cost effective to refresh the bounty board. Everything else has negative Reroll Value (except dust, which has a 0 reroll value), so it isn’t cost effective to reroll those bounties. With the.
Bounty Board Guide – Board Levels and Rewards

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Bounty Board

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