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Best Deals and Prices on New BLU Studio 7.0.The BLU Studio is a giant 7-inch Android phone/tablet hybrid


BLU Unlocked Android Device Collection. BLU Products, founded in , designs and manufacturers affordable, unlocked Android devices to suit a wide variety of consumer needs. Jan 06,  · The cheapest of BLU’s new phones is the $89 Studio G. This model has a MediaTek MT quad-core processor, just MB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. It features a 5 inch.


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BLU Products, founded in , designs and manufacturers affordable, unlocked Android devices to suit a wide variety of consumer needs. BLU G9 Pro ” Smartphone, GB, 4GB, GHz Octa BLU VIVO X6 VWW 64GB GSM Unlocked Android SmartP . BLU G60 GWW 64GB Dual-Sim GSM Unlocked Phone – B BLU Advance L5 AL 16GB GSM Unlocked Android Smart BLU G50 GWW 32GB GSM Unlocked Android Smart Phon BLU Jenny TV TT Unlocked GSM Dual-SIM Cell Ph. This foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G has a inch dynamic AMOLED 2x display for immersive, clear images. See all All Cell Phones with Plans $ .
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Blu Advance A7 With inch Display Launched: Price and Specifications
BLU launches 7 new Android smartphones
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Conductive plastic will allow electronic circuits to be applied with a spray gun

As the semiconductor industry moves towards the quantum limits of the size of the cells of logic elements, more and more publications appear about new materials that can replace the silicon and germanium we are used to, but not with exotic substances (such as, for example, gallium arsenides and nitrides), but inexpensive and publicly available materials.

As recently as yesterday, a publication appeared on the pages of our site about the creation by the Japanese company SEL of a microprocessor on a flexible plastic substrate. Today we have received information about a similar development of the North American TDA Research, carried out with the support of the NSF (National Science Foundation). A plastic developed by the company, Oligotron, is capable of conducting electric current, and under the influence of special conditions can be used to apply complex patterns – the equivalents of integrated circuits. Thus, the cry thrown three years ago “Plastic instead of silicon!”Seems to have found a decent response. The creators already predict about the same future for a new material: disposable electronic newspapers or displays applied directly to the wall with a spray gun.

One of the main properties of Oligotron is its resistance to the corrosive effects of water present in the atmosphere. For example, for the production of OLED displays, a conductive polymer polyethylene dioxythiophene (Pedot) is used, which is soluble in water, which is why such displays have to be covered with a protective layer, and during production, inorganic parts of devices are subject to the risk of corrosion. The Oligotron polymer contains, in addition to the Pedot conductive base, two non-conductive molecules in each link of the polymer chain, which made it insoluble in water and made it possible to fine-tune the polymer properties by attaching other compounds to them. Oligotron can be dissolved in acetone, propylene carbonate and nitromethane.

The second important property of Oligotron is that the material loses its ability to dissolve after UV treatment. Therefore, in particular, when a pattern of arbitrary complexity is applied to a solid or flexible substrate, coated with a polymer and treated with ultraviolet radiation through a mask, the desired pattern will remain on the substrate, indelible neither with water nor with acetone.

Oligotron is currently in beta testing and available to research organizations. TDA Research is working on an analysis of the applicability of Oligotron in the production of organic displays.

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