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Aug 28,  · It’s not just contrary to MMOs, but even ARPGs like Diablo and Borderlands as well, from which Destiny draws a lot of inspiration. In Borderlands you can swap weapons with friends, and even in . Sep 07,  · can you trade items. ~~Soup Society~~. User Info: jordoneus jordoneus 3 years ago #2. Between your own characters: yes. Otherwise no. “One of my hardest parts of my job is to . Aug 26,  · No developer has yet to make a breakout MMO on consoles, but Bungie will be among the first in a quick succession of big-name players to try. The company appears to Author: Dave Thier.


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You should only be able to trade similar items. For example, you could only trade exotic for exotic. Legendaries should have more categorization. Like you shouldn’t be able to trade Vault of Glass armor for vanguard armor. You should only be able to trade vanguard gear for vanguard gear, PoE gear for PoE gear, and so forth. Sep 07,  · can you trade items. ~~Soup Society~~. User Info: jordoneus jordoneus 3 years ago #2. Between your own characters: yes. Otherwise no. “One of my hardest parts of my job is to . Sep 20,  · Subscribe! Lets get to 5k!How to trade in Destiny! Pretty unique way to trade in Destiny! So get trading your items ;)Please leave a li.
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During the Japanese session of the spring Intel Forum for Developers, interesting topics related to the future of the new DDR2 memory standard were raised. The session itself related to Intel’s plans to implement, certify and support DDR2 memory was quite similar to the one that took place during the very first spring Forum in California, therefore, for basic details, I will send readers to the IDF Spring 2021 archived material: FB-DIMM and Memory Implementers Forum. Future plans for DDR2 dated February 19, 2021, and today we will look at additional details.

So, the plans for the introduction of new memory technologies are generally known: by the end of 2021, more or less consistent implementation of DDR2 400/533 is expected. The start of mass sales of DDR2 667/800 will take place next year, and now the development of the DDR2 667 specifications is nearing completion and the DDR2 800 signal interchannel compatibility is being refined. DDR3 rollout slated for 2021 and beyond.

The current situation with DDR2 400/533 is as follows: most manufacturers have already completed the validation of modules for servers, desktops, and have started their mass production. Currently, only the process of validation of SO-DIMM modules is not completed according to DDR2 400/533. In total, by now the Grandsdale series chipsets are ready to support three manufacturers with their Unbuffered DIMMs, the server Lindenhurst with its Registered DIMMs – five manufacturers.

As you know, both series of desktop chipsets – Alderwood and Grandsdale, support both DDR333 / 400 and DDR2 400/533. Neither manufacturers nor analysts expect DDR2 to roll out soon; it is possible that the process, as a result of which DDR-2 will at least somewhat noticeably replace DDR-1, will last a year and a half or two. Most likely, an additional impetus to DDR2 400/533 sales will be given by the appearance in the second half of 2021 of a new version of the Centrino mobile platform based on the Alviso chipset.

At the Japanese Forum, the most notable presentation was made by representatives of Elpida, who outlined future plans for the release of new types of memory and presented their own roadmap, which generally coincides with Intel’s plans.

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