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Jul 05,  · While holding a Two-Handed Weapon in each hand you lose the Attack Speed Bonus from Dual-Wielding and all your damage is reduced by 25%. 25% might be a tad much, or it might be just right. In order to find the real sweet spot we would have to do a much more detailed analysis to see the overall value of DPH over ted Reading Time: 5 mins. sheet dps is a false number. A second weapon can add a lot in terms of more useful stats. BUT sheet dps is based of your hard skill calcs, which almost all go entirely off of Weapon damage. Which Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Apr 01,  · A two-hander really doesn’t need double the DPS of a one-hander to compete with dual wield. I’d say that in the worst case, It really only needs about 40% more to achieve the same DPS. This is because dual wield only increases your damage by (at most) 15%, and an extra socket should only add (roughly) at most an extra 20% damage in most cases.


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May 29,  · (All other bows and crossbows are two-handed.) The Wizard and Witch Doctor can not dual wield weapons, though they can equip class-specific off-hand items (Sources and Mojos) that add damage and offensive bonuses. While dual wielding, the character alternates weapons each attack. Dual wielding grants a +15 Attack Speed % bonus. Jun 13,  · Dual wielding will naturally hit harder due to the extra crit damage, but the damage will be a little less consistent due to less crit chance. Dual-wielding in D3 is really tricky. Some skill use only main-hand damage for calculations and some alternate between weapons on each use. Typically – if skill have cooldown, it will use only main weapon (Like Seven-Sided Strike). And if skills don’t have cooldown (Like monks Generators or Wave of Light) – it will alternate weapon on each hit.
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