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The problem with these golden chests is how much they’ve hyped them up, with all the ‘super’ items you possibly could get, but there is still a less rare loot table that exists. We also had these chests during the first anniversary, and we just got enough boxes for one karma if you logged in every day. Jul 12,  · �� PLAY Trove: ?utm_source=lordfafy&utm_medium=rev&utm_content=Trove_NA ��Want to effortlessly support the . Jul 11,  · During the event, players can earn Golden Ticket Chests that can see a number of pretty sweet items dropped including the Hyper Pinata EX mount or .


Golden ticket chest trove.Golden Ticket Chest | Trove Wiki | Fandom

Dec 12,  · Credits are used to buy a wide array of items from the Trove Store. With the 8, Credit Pack you’ll receive Radiant Sovereigns but also 50 Golden Ticket Chests and with the 18, Credit Pack you’ll receive the Radiant Sovereigns and Golden Ticket Chests if purchased before January 2, Jul 12,  · �� PLAY Trove: ?utm_source=lordfafy&utm_medium=rev&utm_content=Trove_NA ��Want to effortlessly support the . Jul 10,  · 3, They are even exclusive chests that you get once per day from July 12th to the 25th. They also appear in score based contests during that time. The items in it are: Common: 1x Omni Recipe, 1x Style Surprise, 5x Jade Clover, 1x Gem dust box, 1x Glittering Horseshoes, etc. Uncommon: 5x Dragon Coin, 1x Omni mount Unlocker, etc.
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Credit Packs and Golden Ticket Chests!
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