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Grand Theft Auto V for Wii U. This petition had 9, supporters. Bulmaro Lazarin started this petition to Rockstar Games/ Take Two Games Getting GTA V on Wii U. Nintendo’s Fans have always wanted a Grand Theft Auto on a Nintendo Console, There was a Grand Theft Auto-Chinatown Wars Game for the DS. The DS Graphic Quality was not too good for. Sep 17,  · Maybe it will be on the WII U, but I doubt if this is the reason why it takes so much time to release, because people won’t just go and buy WII U to play GTA V. If it was on the WII U, I don’t think R* would wait just so they could have the WII U verswion done, just like they release the PS3 and XOBX versions before the PC. Mar 02,  · The Wii U console is widely considered one of Nintendo’s biggest flops. Released in , the system played host to a number of well-regarded games, including Super .


Gta v on wii u.Will GTA V come to Wii U? – Wii U

May 10,  · A 4Chan user claims that publisher Take-Two Interactive has no plans to release Grand Theft Auto V, or any of its mature-rated games on Wii U. The user also claims that 2K Sports will not bring a WWE game to Wii U. Although rumors from 4Chan should be taken with a grain of salt, keep in mind that Grand Theft Auto V has not yet been announced for Wii U, and WWE ’13 skipped the Wii U . Sep 16,  · Podcast: GTA V, Wii U, Next-Gen Consoles. Jason Schreier. 9/16/13 PM. Save. Is Grand Theft Auto V the best game ever or just the best game ever? Can Nintendo save the Wii U? . Mar 10,  · sorry guys and gals every youtube chanel has atleast one troll video.
Nintendo Wii U Gets First Update in Three Years
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Will GTA V come to Wii U?
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Nintendo Wii U Gets First Update in Three Years
D-Link DSA-3100 gateway with built-in billing system ? sales in Russia started

The TAILE company announced the start of deliveries
in Russia of the D-Link DSA-3100 gateway, which is designed to organize services
access to the Internet, which implements the billing system, management tools
public access area, which has ample opportunities for integration with existing
accounting and billing systems of telecom operators (support for RADIUS, LDAP, POP3
and etc.).

Brief technical characteristics:

Key features:

This is how a public access zone diagram looks like based on a universal gateway
authentication and access control DSA-3100 (by clicking the mouse, you can see the image
higher resolution):

It is noteworthy that D-Link deliberately does not build the wireless part into the gateway,
making it wireless technology independent and compatible
with any 802 wireless access points.11 a / b / g or bluetooth. Wireless
standards are changing quite quickly, so the investment in the DSA-3100 ? quite
a justified decision, especially since with the release of new versions of device firmware
D-Link are becoming more and more functional. Traditionally software
D-Link software free. The absence of a wireless part in the gateway makes it possible
its use in wired networks.

After connecting to the console port of the DSA-3100, the DSA-3100P becomes
it is possible to create a local database of user accounts “on the fly” (up to 2000 accounts), and print these accounts in the form of check cards
with connection parameters, username, password and other attributes,
which are configured in DSA-3100.

The price of the proposed devices is about $ 615 for a gateway (DSA-3100) and about
$ 265 per printer (DSA-3100P).

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