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Jan 18,  · “Modern aiming” is meant to address player feedback that the aim acceleration in The Master Chief Collection “doesn’t feel right,” according to developer Industries. The change is on by. Look Sensitivity is the value that decides how long you have to be looking in a different direction until the speed at which you turn reaches its maximum. It contrasts with Look Sensitivity in that Sensitivity is a measure of how fast that maximum. Sort by. level 1. xander 4 years ago. I am currently mid diamond in most ranks and I play on default controls using claw and my sensitivity/ acceleration 3/2. I believe precise shooting is important. If you find yourself needing to turn quickly 9/10 times it’s because you’re in a poor position.


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Dec 11,  · For Halo 5’s launch, we made the Look Acceleration a tad faster than it has been in past games and the Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta. This was done in part to help you make large aim corrections a bit faster (for example, if someone is attacking you from behind it Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Oct 26,  · looks ok, though i feel like the H4 translator gives a lot of acceleration in the middle movements and then gets lower the higher the speed goes. Halo 5 like all Halos probably uses the same mechanic in HIP than in ADS. this means a translator can be crafted in 24h if everything goes smooth. When look accel comes in to play, it feels most noticeable only when hitting that outer deadzone. If you already have the deadzones both at 0; that extends the outer deadzone to the farthest region out and the inner deadzone is then non-existent as it will take hardly .
Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s latest update delivers ‘modern aiming’ to the older games
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