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Nov 24,  · The user reports that HDMI audio worked fine in Windows 8, but it failed to work in Windows The problem cause is not because of audio drivers, but related to video driver. To solve the problem, you need to go to Dell support page, download video . Real easy I’ve been seeing people having problems with this so I decided to help. Subscribe let me know what you wanna see and I’ll help you out. If you try. This was not required in Windows 8. Another solution was going to the “Playback Devices” in your Sound options. Click your HDMI sound device and go to Properties. Then go to enhancements and disable all enhancements. You should be able to get your HDMI sound back again. There was also issue with HD Intel graphic drivers.


Hdmi audio output windows 8.How to Fix Windows 10 HDMI Audio Not Working

Use Default Devices for audio output devices such as headphones or speakers. Use Default Communication Device for making and receiving phone calls. Select the output device connected with the HDMI cable, and then click Set Default. Right-click the output device connected with the HDMI cable, and then select Show Disconnected Devices. Sep 08,  · In the Control Panel window, click on Hardware and Sound: Then click on Sound: You will see that your PC Speakers are selected (green check mark sign): Click on TV (Samsung in this example) and click on Set Default button: At this point, your sound will be coming from TV (now your default playback device is TV – shown with the green check mark sign). Feb 02,  · Step 1: Use the Windows Key + R on your keyboard to open the run dialogue box. Type in “” and then click “OK”. Step 2: In the window that appears, click on the “Playback” tab and then plug in the HDMI cable. It should appear in the list of devices usually as the name of the TV or monitor you are using.
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Fix : Windows connected through HDMI has No Sound
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