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Imperial administration law gives you a big boost to vassal limit. I think you need to raise crown authority to high or max (I forget which) to enable it. level 2. thesteelyglint. 2 points · 6 years ago. You also need level 5 of the Majesty tech. Continue this thread. level 1. JRobertsGB. Sep 13,  · The three major factors that effect vassal limit are rank, diplo rating, and laws. If you are already a king, then emperor rank will give you an increase. Also, work on increasing your DIP stat if it is lowby adopting the carousing or family focus, but that won’t give you more than a 1 or 2 points on your vassal limit. Aug 07,  · As you can see, my vassal duke has his troop contribution penalized by 5% for being over my vassal limit by 1. All of my count tier and higher vassals have this penalty applied, but I didn’t think to look for a sub-county level vassal. I also didn’t look at the taxes, but I assume it’s also 5% per vassal.


How to increase vassal limit ck2.vassal limit control | Paradox Interactive Forums

The vassal limit was something added in with the last major expansion and I hadn’t even really noticed it until I conquered France. It presents a danger in. Diplomacy directly affects vassal limit, so training your heirs to be grey eminences and taking the carousing focus would help. It sounds like you have a very expansive empire at this point, so don’t be afraid to consolidate kingdom viceroyalties in one person, especially if they are smaller kingdoms. Apr 16,  · Vassal Limit The vassal limit is the number of direct vassals (excluding Barons) a ruler can have without penalties. It is primarily based on the rank of the ruler’s primary title and can be increased by title laws and traits. For every vassal above the Vassal Limit, -5 % is imposed on vassal taxes and vassal levies, up to %.
vassal limit control
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How do I raise my vassal limit? :: Crusader Kings II General Discussions

How do i increase vassal limit? :: Crusader Kings II General Discussions
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