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DVR-S706: Pioneer’s new external DVD burner

Another external DVD burner, this time from Pioneer: the DVR-S706, unlike the announced Plextor drive today, which only supports 8x write speed to recordable DVDs. The main emphasis in marketing a new product is not on high speed, but on positioning and recording accuracy, including on low-quality media, as well as on a low level of acoustic noise.

The DVR-S706 uses Pioneer Quiet Drive technology, which, according to the company, allows to achieve a noise level of about 15 dB (for reference, this is quieter than a human whisper), as well as a number of Pioneer “gadgets”: the positioning system Liquid Crystal Control System, which tracks roughness of the surface of the disc, Smart Laser Driver and Precision Recording, which determine the optimal recording modes; Defect Management System and Ultra Dynamic Resonance Absorber to reduce the likelihood of disc damage due to vibration at high speeds and to localize possible defects.

DVR-S706 supports DVD-R / -RW / + R / + RW (rewrites at 4x speed), CD-R / -RW (recording up to 24x). Again, which is typical for Pioneer, the drive can be used both in vertical and horizontal positions, there are IEEE 1394 (Firewire) and USB 2 interfaces.0. The drive comes with Ulead DVD MovieFactory 3 Disc Creator, Ulead Video Studio, 7SEUlead Photo Explorer 8 software.0, Ulead My Scrapbook 2, Ulead Burn.Now, Ulead DVD Player, NovaBACKUP

Pioneer DVR-S706 is expected to ship in May with a list price (North America) of $ 260.

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