Lollipop update for moto x first gen


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May 31,  · how to update motorola moto x 1st gen lollipop to ://#NIqJk7NekN6UrpX7gKFI_FtGD_VQUulLZWJG_oqCKY8Like share and Don’t f. Jul 17,  · I got the Android Lollipop update for Moto X (), early July I could feel slight improvements in performance of the phone. UI changes are also decent. Its nice of . Jul 07,  · Now, according to the users who have already tested this new update, the Android Lollipop firmware runs without problems on the first gen. of Motorola Moto X.


Lollipop update for moto x first gen.Moto X (1st Gen.) – Sprint – Android™ Lollipop – Release Notes

May 31,  · how to update motorola moto x 1st gen lollipop to ://#NIqJk7NekN6UrpX7gKFI_FtGD_VQUulLZWJG_oqCKY8Like share and Don’t f. Jun 06,  · Read an article today saying that has been released for about five Motorola devices, including the Moto X 1st gen. I tried talking to Motorola to find out if this was valid or not. The guy I talked to said it is, but my phone has not received the update yet. Does anybody know when Verizon might. Jul 30,  · My Moto X 1st still has good battery life the few time I still use it (Most of the time it is just sitting in a drawer as it been my backup phone since before the lollipop upgrade I did the update due to the Post Dial Delay issue would some time occur on the phone and the upgrade to the OS was part of the solution if you are not having.

Lollipop update starts rolling out to select Moto X first gen users – comments

Correct Answer: Moto X 1st gen. Lollipop – Verizon Community
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