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Jun 21,  · What’s your opinion on DJing with M-Audio Torq? D. devious Davis New member. Jun 1, #2 i personally like it. it was the first and only program i have used to i dont have any experience with any other programs. but so far i have enjoyed it. still trying to figure a lot of stuff out though. While M-Audio will continue to field questions about TORQ software, we will no longer promote or sell TORQ software globally. We encourage TORQ customers, as well as all customers interested in DJ products, to visit , , and to learn more about our premium DJ products and brands. Torq Control Vinyl disk from M-Audio allows you to control audio files in Torq with the same feel and response as real vinyl records. Simply connect a turntable to a suitable audio interface like M-Audio Conectiv, enable external control in Torq, and you’ll be able to cue and scratch your music just as if you were using the original records.


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Aug 01,  · The Good M-Audio’s Torq Mixlab combines powerful DJ software and a well-designed USB hardware interface at an unbeatable price.. The Bad This is . Torq Xponent User Guide | 3 Introduction 1 Thank you for choosing the M-Audio Xponent USB DJ controller and audio interface. This innovative device gives digital DJs all the familiar knobs, sliders, and wheels found on a DJ mixer and CD players while allowing users . Drivers, Firmware, & Software Updates Search. Do you have the latest drivers for your device? Our engineering team is constantly adding, updating and improving our .
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Global memory market: contract prices remain the same, spot prices fall

Lingering decline in memory prices in the spot market, attracting at times OEMs
PC (contract prices are currently higher than spot prices), declining demand for the above
category of buyers has led to the fact that memory manufacturers could not force
contract customers to purchase memory at even higher prices. As a result
– contract prices for the second half of May have not changed:

As for the spot market, the daily price changes are impressive: today
auctions, for example, in Hong Kong, the price of 256 Mbit (32×8) DDR266 SDRAM chips dropped
compared to yesterday by 3.61% ? up to $ 4.80 on average. Despite
to increase market activity, the majority of transactions concluded with DRAM were carried out
at prices below market prices, which could theoretically lead to a serious decrease
prices next week. Lack of demand and massive memory dump – this is how
the situation on the spot market – of course, as we mentioned at one time, so
and should have happened when prices for microcircuits fell below the $ 5 mark
– when all manufacturers, regardless of size, make a profit. Now small
manufacturers start dumping.

The volatility of prices is also explained by the uncertainty of the participants in the nearest
forecasts of the development of the situation related to reshuffle among suppliers. Price
tokens as of the morning was $ 4.75 / 4.83 / 5.00 for 256 Mbps (32×8)
DDR266 / 333/400 SDRAM chips, but at the moment they have decreased. Serious
price decline occurred in the SDR SDRAM sector – the price “caved in” 64
Mbit (4×16) chips. Increased shipments of 1 Gbps NAND flash chips also
will cause a significant decrease in the next week (over the last 24 hours the price dropped
by 1.12% ? up to $ 17.60 per chip.

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