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Nov 11,  · ME Update toolIntel has identified security issue that could potentially place impacted platform at risk. Use ME Update tool to update your ME.*We suggest yo. ASUS uses cookies and similar technologies to perform essential online functions, analyze online activities, provide advertising services and other functions. ASUS Download Center Download the latest drivers, software, firmware and user manuals. Tools. MyASUS App. MyASUS enables you to receive new product information, service locations. Feb 02,  · 1. Uninstall the old ME driver in Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. 2. Download and install the latest version ME Driver from ASUS official website. 3. Check ME driver version in Device Manager after installing it. Category Driver. Type Product Knowledge.


Me update tool asus.[MyASUS for Windows] Software Update | Official Support | ASUS Global

Mar 06,  · Asus Live Update Utility ASUS Live Update is an online update driver. It can detect when there is a new version of the program available from /5(). Step by step guide on how to update the ME driver for an ASUS motherboard. Nov 15,  · Update by BIOS: New ME firmware is packaged in BIOS for BIOS update. Ex: ZDELUXE. 1. Enter , input your model and select the correct model. 2. After getting into the model webpage, please choose the item support. 3. Choose the Driver & Utility, then Select OS. 4. Find BIOS, Download the latest BIOS and update it. Update by ME tool.
Intel® Management Engine Critical Firmware Update (Intel-SA-00086)

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[Motherboard] ASUS statement for Intel ME update | Official Support | ASUS Global
Diagnostics: ASTRA (Advanced Sysinfo Tool and Reporting Assistant) v.four.twenty

A new version of the program for analyzing the computer configuration ASTRA has been released. The program detects the types of processors and coprocessors, brands of monitors, motherboard manufacturers, PCI / AGP and PnP devices and gives detailed information about their capabilities. The user can get information about the capabilities of the processor and its frequency (real and nominal), bus frequency, cache, SPD memory modules, chipset, BIOS, hard drive, CD-ROM, video card, sound card, network card, printer, etc. There is a possibility of creating a report file and working from the command line, a hypertext context-sensitive help system in Russian and English.

The new version adds the definition of SCSI devices (hard drives, CD drives, scanners, streamers) and their parameters (device name, type, size, serial number, buffer size, rotational speed of hard drives, etc.), added SPD reading on Intel ICH6 hub and chipset AMD 8111, added support for SystemSoft BIOS for MiTAC, fixed IRQ detection for PCI devices, fixed size detection for Rambus memory modules, added 4 manufacturers 51 PCI devices to the database, added 1 monitor manufacturer and 7 new models, added 3 to the database PnP devices, 1 manufacturer of motherboards with AMI BIOS added to the database.

Download ASTRA v.four.20 here (533 KB, Shareware, MS-DOS 3.30, Windows 9x / ME).

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