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Jul 31,  · This Samsung Blu-ray Disc Player (BD-P) supports only the BD-ROM Profile 1 version specification. Page 12 aett na Disc Types “**.BD-ROM Blu-ray Disc Read Only Memory. A BD-ROM disc contains pre-recorded data. BD-P Solutions & Tips, Download Manual, Contact Us. Samsung Support CA. BD profile interactivity lets you download the latest firmware upgrades and more with just a click of a button. Making firmware upgrades simple and easy, you can continually upgrade the BD-P with the latest features. Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby True HD Immerse yourself in amazing sound.4/5().


Samsung bd p 1500 firmware.SAMSUNG BD-P USER MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib

Series 1 (BD-P). Solutions & Tips, Download User Manual, Contact Us. Samsung Support Australia. There are some Blu-ray discs available that say “Mastered in 4K” on the box, but these are NOT 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs. These are standard Blu-ray discs that have been scaled down from a 4K picture. They offer. Audio & Sound Change the audio format on your Samsung TV. Choose the best HDMI Input Audio setting When connecting an external device. Aug 15,  · Samsung Support CA. This package includes the Samsung BD-P Blu-ray Disc Player USB type Firmware revision Once the download is complete, double-click the installation file and follow the instructions provided. Series 1 (BD-P).
Samsung BD-P1500 User Manual

How you can Reset a Bd-P Blu-Ray Player – Media |
How you can Reset a Bd-P1500 Blu-Ray Player

Fish Memory or New UTMA Flash Card Format

Since today
the day was marked by a large number of serious announcements, it is worth mentioning and
the fact that on February 5, the consumer electronics consortium will present
flash cards of a new format that will be used with computers and other
devices by connecting to them via a universal serial interface.
While the new cards are known as “fish
memory “. Hitherto unknown Universal Transportable Memory Association
(UTMA) says the new media will be smaller than SD cards and,
the solutions are likely to be positioned as alternatives to other standards,
like MemoryStick or CompactFlash.

The secretive association (especially in matters of the companies belonging to it) has spilled,
however, light on some of the features of the new cards. According to journalists
CNET, cards will be equipped with two chips
flash memory packed in one package, in other words, their density will be
big enough. At the initial stage, the resource notes, the capacity of the cards will be 1
GB, in the future – with an increase in the density of microcircuits – even more. The
The Inquirer made the assumption that it would be something like memory cards with an interface
USB offered by manufacturers such as Trek. It is reported that
UTMA will offer two versions of the device ? Fish and BabyFish, maximum capacity
which will be up to 16 GB (with chips). By the way, about the interface. Possible
changes in architecture can be caused by this very factor. Besides the new
UTMA card standard plans to introduce new data storage architecture,
Task Automated Data Structure.

A reasonable question arises: is another standard needed? Really someone
no longer enough Memory Stick, SD, CompactFlash, MultiMediaCard, xD-Picture
Card and Smart Media? The answer to it, apparently, lies in the fact that the sharp
growth in flash card sales is “a motive for improving underlying technology and architecture

Well, and one more question: what kind of memory chips will be used in the cards?
Today, as potential suppliers, it is hardly possible to name
anyone other than Samsung and Toshiba, and both companies have potential,
since the Korean manufacturer has a case on its hands,
allowing for up to 6 chips (with a total chip size of 10.5 x 10.0 x
1.2 mm), the Japanese company offers
packaging option for 9 chips (chip dimensions 11 x 14 x 1.4 mm).

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