Skyrim new game horse glitch


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Just trying to get to Helgen. This is getting ridiculous Bethesda! Only fix is to limit it to 60hz for Skyrim. Your card UI may have a special option for that. Otherwise just click it down before playing Skyrim.


Skyrim new game horse glitch.Opening Sequence Gate Wont Open Glitch – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I loaded up my latest save about 30 minutes after this error code /// CE /// crashed my , and my horse was suddenly ft or more in the a. Dec 12,  · What happens when I start a new game now is that it basically puts me in the driver seat of the wagon, the horse freaks out, runs into a wall outside of Helgen and it doesn’t go through the gate. After the first couple of times this happened, I even went so far as to delete NMM from my computer and delete all SW mods, not just unsubscribe. This is getting ridiculous Bethesda!

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