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Video recorded by Master LL()[ The Last Remnant ]Gameplay 05b “Achievement: Chains”** WILL CONTAIN FULL SPOILERS!! **** HIGH QUA. Accepted Answer. Quote from the manual pg. Chains: This shows the number of enemy unions defeated consecutively. The higher this number, the easier it is for units to grow stronger. Being ambushed or returning to the world map will break the chain. User Info: maverick_razor. maverick_razor – 11 years ago 0 0. The Last Remnant. All Discussions Battle chains and treasure hunts are trivial; you’ll get them just playing the game. The biggest problem with the guild system is the ranks. To gain rank, you need to do a certain guild task and there is *no* indication as to what that task is! Unless you plan to do every single one of these things, you.


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Talk: Battle Chain. Talk: Battle Chain. Note for PC: High battle chains do not seem to significantly improve drops on the PC (or increase the rate of rare drops). If there is an improvement, it is too small to be meaningful. At the same time, it doesn’t seem to affect Battle Rank as much either. So, getting higher chains is still much better in. Wow, so with two Ragna-rocks and a battle chain of , you have x10 exp?! crazy! UP I assume is the unique parameter? i.e. David’s Authority, Torgal’s Management. I assume that what commands appear in battle are largely based on battle and union morale and class types rather than the units that make up . Video recorded by Master LL()[ The Last Remnant ]Gameplay 05b “Achievement: Chains”** WILL CONTAIN FULL SPOILERS!! **** HIGH QUA.
100 Battle chain
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Battle chain – The Last Remnant
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