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Dec 13,  · I can. In addition to SecureUX, you must install and properly configure StartIsBack and OldNewExplorer++. A link to download these utilities and setup instructions in the description. On one SecureUx no the theme will not work! All my themes work flawlessly on all versions of Windows Always be careful and read the description. Good luck! Nov 01,  · TRON legacy – Download free windows 10 themes for version , , , # Description: The approach to the interface design in this theme is similar to the designs of Windows 7 and older versions of operating systems. There are a 5/5(19). Feb 03,  · Download: Tron Legacy Permium Theme for Windows by Karasevich Konstantin payed to make themes for to use this theme first you need to install uxthemepatcher. Image details. Image size. xpx MB. Published: Feb .


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Sep 10,  · Like my FB Page: Rainmeter: skin: https://scrollsofaryavart. Sep 14,  · The TRON Legacy suite for Rainmeter for most of the look and feel The Marquee News Ticker skin for Rainmeter by Eclectic-Tech for the headlines just Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Inspired by the “TRON: Legacy” movie, Tron Legacy Theme is a theme pack which includes fourteen high-definition wallpapers to be displayed on the screen. Most of the pictures have a .
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Intel on promoting WiMAX technology in Russia

Questions of large-scale implementation of wireless technologies in the vastness of our country ? the topic is quite painful. It’s one thing to equip a hot spot somewhere in a major airport or in a prestigious metropolitan restaurant with ceiling prices and high traffic, another thing is to make Wi-Fi technology at least somewhat widespread. This topic was the focus of the Wireless Technology Day in Moscow today, in which Patrick Gelsinger, Intel Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, took part.

In his speech, Patrick Gelsinger called on Russian government agencies and IT companies to accelerate the implementation of wireless access technologies and announced Intel’s support for the initiative to promote WiMAX technology in the Russian market.

The urgency of this task is obvious. The Economist Intelligent Unit (the information arm of the publishing house that publishes the leading European business magazine The Economist) ranks Russia 55th in terms of business attractiveness, in terms of readiness to use advanced methods of the Internet economy, in the recently published rating list of 64 countries of the world. It is characteristic that over the past year, Russia’s position in this list has only worsened (in 2021, the country was ranked 48th in this rating list), and in this indicator it lags behind countries such as Portugal, Estonia, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary, South Africa, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Thailand, Turkey, India, Peru, Romania, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, not to mention the most economically developed countries in the world.

Intel’s new initiative aimed at promoting WiMAX technology in the Russian market is being carried out in cooperation with one of the leading Russian public-state associations in the field of info-communications ? By the Telecommunications Documentary Association (ADE) through the working group on wireless data networks. As part of the Intel working group, together with a number of Russian and foreign IT companies, they are working on a proposal from the industry to government regulators to develop a policy in the field of the radio frequency spectrum for a wider implementation of WiMAX technology in Russia. In order for Russian users to take full advantage of the advantages of this technology, it is necessary to ensure the possibility of interaction of WiMAX-certified equipment with equipment from different manufacturers, as well as compliance with the radio frequency spectrum used in the country.

WiMAX technology based on IEEE-802 standard.16, which provides broadband access in cases where digital DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) lines cannot be used for technical or economic reasons, is becoming more widespread around the world. It can be used by voice and broadband operators to solve the last mile problem, as well as for mobile access, complementing GSM / Edge, Wi-Fi and 3G technologies.

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