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COMMUNIQUE. L’inscription au BEPC est clause. Les candidats, munis de leur numero matricule EducMaster, peuvent consulter les listes d’inscription sur la plateforme de la Direction des Examens et Concours: You might like to view this educaster link is not yet active. Procedure 1 – Blepharoptosis repair (external approach) Clinical Goal: Correction of upper eyelid ptosis. Our Goals: View the anterior attachment associated with the levator palpebrae muscle, the arterial that is peripheral and the tarsal plate; Locate the supraorbital nerve and vessels. Welcome to. EDU. is an Advanced Market place for Instructors to publish their courses and provide training that is online show, Learn and Earn.

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Nov 21,  · Para representar una fraccion elegimos una unidad (circulo, cuadrado, hexagono.), la dividimos partes that are en tantas indica el denominador y marcamos en ella las partes que indica el numerador. Para leer fracciones, leemos el numerador tal cual (un, dos, tres). A la hora de. You might like to regard this educaster link isn’t yet active. Procedure 1 blepharoptosis that is (external approach) Clinical Goal: Correction of upper eyelid ptosis. Our Goals: View the anterior attachment of the levator palpebrae muscle, the peripheral arterial arcade plus the tarsal plate; Locate the supraorbital nerve and vessels. Nov 10,  · *2%,( ‘(/ 35,1&,3$’2 ‘($,$6 &(-(5§$ ‘((‘8&$&,­1 5hvroxflyq gh gh qrylhpeuh gh ‘h od &rqvhmhutd gh (gxfdflyq sru od txh vh sxeolfd od olvwd ghilqlwlyd gh.

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Sunday, March 10, Worldwide Education. I find myself reflecting more and more on things my teachers did right, attempted to do right, or things that did not go so well throughout my education as I near the end of my formal education after 21 years in the classroom as a student. On my return flight from the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association conference in Columbus, Ohio this week, somewhere over Kentucky, I found myself reflecting on the use of video conferencing with a class in Russia that my eighth grade social studies teacher attempted on a regular basis.

We started to laugh. The teacher, Mr. Bonedise, attempted nearly weekly to get the conferencing unit to operate. Through the year that is entire I think we were only able to conference one time, but I do admire is persistence! Keep in mind the year was and technology in the classroom was a very new concept in most schools.

Searching back on Mr. Bonedise’s class, I realized it was the beginning of my desire to learn about other cultures around the world. Sure it was not the attempt that is best at learning about other cultures, since this was also pre-NCLB No Child left out , therefore we spent a lot of the class period merely watching him struggle with the video equipment and make an effort to remain relaxed.

However, this class sparked my interest in wanting to understand diverse countries. Today, feats such as for example class video clip conferencing through the utilization of programs such as Skype have made interaction with other classrooms halfway across the world more available and less discouraging. Nonetheless, i will be uncertain instructors are benefiting from this learning experience that is global.

Some instructors might ask a number of the following concerns when video that is contemplating in their classrooms:. Why would my students want to talk to other classes or people around the world? What does video conferencing have to do with my standards? What benefit would conferencing with others around the global world have for my students specially their test ratings?

Will there be any real-world application to video clip conferencing or perhaps is it a waste of time? All of the concerns are things I have contemplated through the utilization of video conferencing in my class, even if Skyping with a pilot that is military California.

No matter what the reasoning is students be much more motivated and involved in a global conversation when video clip conferencing is employed in the class. The planet is no longer separated by oceans. In reality, numerous organizations count on video clip conferencing in order to hold meetings, make decisions, and even employ employees.

Isn’t it time classrooms in America start inspiring students to be global participants in the world we live in? Labels: classroom , global education , Skyping , tech ed , video conferencing. After attending a technology and engineering conference this past week, I began to wonder- What does teaching technology in current, cutting-edge, 21st century classrooms look like? Should it mean that every learning student has their own handheld products? Should it mean that students are researching concepts techies would need to know in the real-world such as “AVG cable”?

Or should it signify students are building items with glue and lumber like used to do within my school that is middle technology in the mids? After pondering these questions throughout the three day conference, I realized that there is not one universal definition of what tech ed is; therefore, we understood I’d to produce my personal definition of what technology ed should seem like in my class room.

Tech education is significantly more than a computer that is mere class in which students learn about basic programs such as Office and presentation products. To me my school that is middle tech classroom should use a plethora of free apps, diverse terms, facts, and historical contexts, in addition to a number of programs that students can carry on using in other classes or in their sparetime.

I understood inside my pondering that the most important section of my course is always to instill within my students the right skills had a need to make use of technology along with other people into the real world. I hope to never forget the special moments during my first year of teach technology that I have experienced through the entire past three nine weeks. There have been instances when students were so excited to come calmly to course to talk about about the trip simulation game they’d been learning by themselves at home.

Or the students who have worked to incorporate movie modifying software on the computers that are own cannot wait to share their products with me. Some of the most meaningful moments this year attended from pupils utilising the technology we have learned about in class by themselves.

Shouldn’t that be the goal for many technology classes? Real-world application of technology programs, applications, and concepts ought to be the objective for many tech ed programs today. Monday, January 21, Educator Collaboration. Professional Development in education has been a hot topic since we joined the field of training over a decade ago. Regardless of how many different sessions I attended, it seemed as if something was lacking. Monday, June 11, Grading.

Recently while presenting my qualifying paper at Union University, i discovered myself showing in the things that are important training, many especially the judging of learning.

There are numerous debates among educators, parents and pupils about how precisely grading should take place through the entire educational process. Currently, my professor at Union grades all assignments based on improvement.

Having never ever had somebody grade me personally like this, I have been fascinated, enthralled, and enraged all at the same time.

After my presentation last week, I realized my negative feelings towards grading this way was more due to the unknown about how the grading occurred I’m one of those that likes to know my grade every step of the way.

Quite often people will argue that a paper that is perfect the only thing that should receive a perfect grade, while others will disagree that improvement should be what is judged and graded. As an educator improvement and perfectness are both difficult concepts to grade and defend, specially in an inclusion class. With regards to something being perfect, let’s say a scenario appears in the method of one thing being “perfect” at that moment over time?

Along the same lines, a student could be dealing with a lot and it is an accomplishment that they are showing up each and every day to school.

Improvement probably won’t happen until whatever is causing them to struggle is alleviated. And so I guess my concern for you today is exactly what is actually the way that is best to grade students’ learning? Is it through judging “perfectness” or improvement? Maybe its a combination of both ideals. Or maybe its not to grade students at all. Labels: grades , improvement , perfectness. Thursday, May 24, Summertime Blessing or Curse. Since summer in Sumner County began this morning I found myself contemplating my childhood summers.

The swim team, the pool, the soccer field, the friends, the barbecues, and the traveling came to mind. However, yesterday as I polled my students about their summer vacation plans many of them had the same answer- I don’t know. We quickly discovered that lots of children today don’t look forward to the simple that is same I was afforded summer after summer. In fact, some learning students do not look ahead to summer break at all.

As the final bell rang yesterday, a student was hanging out in the library. This student has lived for the library this year. Before school and after school he has been seen just hanging out in the library. No, he isn’t really a reader, so to speak, but he is a student whoever house life had been drastically changed in the previous two years with the loss in his bro.

This pupil was loitering the library as a number of the other pupils hurried by him eager to start their summer break, because he knew that yesterday was the librarian’s last day at our school. Unfortunately, this man that is young not only lost his brother, but his favorite librarian and “safe spot” were changing aided by the librarians retirement. My heart ached for him. So as my summer time days rush by as they often do, I hope that I am reminded that there are students somewhere, of all ages, shapes and walks of life, that are eager for school to start back in order to be welcomed back to the “safe place” in their life.

Thank you towards the teachers I had after the summer of who welcomed me back to school after the loss of my mom. Labels: safe place , safety , schools out , students , summer , summertime. Sunday, May 13, Common Core. As minor as my opinions might be in the field of education, I want to be sure I express my thoughts about the Core that is common Standards they become lost in interpretation or change!

In if we are to be relocated to Alaska next year as I was holding parent teacher conferences in a small town called Clarksville, Tennessee, I was asked bluntly by a military parent, “Can you ensure that my son will be competitive with his peers?

This parent that is particular just returned from Iraq and was facing PCSing what military call relocation to a new Army post in Alaska and he was concerned his son could not compete with fellow fifth graders in Alaska. At that point in my career, I had taught in Alabama, Tennessee and New Zealand, but the thought of the differences in standards had really only crossed my mind in when my parents moved me to Tennessee and I found myself at least a ahead of my peers in my learning year.

When I heard about the initiative that is educational the Common Core Standards, established by several governors two years ago my heart rejoiced. Finally, the father that is military had concerned about the training of his son or daughter could possibly be guaranteed that his son’s training wouldn’t be hindered as a result of the various locations the military sent him.

Additionally, we had realized that more American citizens have become more mobile, causeing the initiative a prerequisite if states wish to make sure that all their pupils have actually the same base knowledge. Last week while watching the Kentucky Derby I noticed that various companies have begun running advertisements in support of the Common Core Standards, and I hope that doesn’t deter some from supporting this much needed change that is educational America.

Dewey on Education. As an educator, have actually you ever read any of the works that are multiple John Dewey wrote in regards to education? I must admit that until last summer, I hadn’t either, which is really a shame. Dewey has been one of the most minds that are masterful academic theories, philosophies and pedagogues. He envisioned an means that is educational which students were placed in the center and taught democratic life-long lessons. It is my belief that every educator should be required to read Dewey’s work before ever foot that is setting the class room.

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“VKontakte” and Roskosmos will be sending “smart” towards the ISS
10.10.2021 [18:52],
Sergey Karasev

The social network “VKontakte” and Roscosmos announced their intention to deliver a capsule with a “smart” space bot called “Spotty” towards the International Space Station (ISS).

Its stated that the spacebot will transmit to world photographs and videos of what’s taking place on the orbital complex and past, and also will be able to receive content from VKontakte users in order to broadcast it through a small projector to astronauts.

“Today we established the very first version of the Spotty spacebot by means of a simple intelligence that is artificial answers questions about space, and released the first model of a place capsule,” the social networking said.

The product is a sphere with an integrated camera. The gadget will go to the ISS in the spring of 20021 as part of the 51st space expedition.

We add that the social network “VKontakte” celebrates its tenth anniversary. The resource was launched on October 10, 2021. The service initially positioned itself as a network that is social pupils and graduates of Russian universities, but later began to call it self “a contemporary, quick and visual means of interacting regarding the Web.”.

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