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RAMCache II – could it be worth it?.RAMCache II – could it be worth every penny?

It’s a bit technical but really it requires data that has been look over from a disk and stores it to your RAM cache that will be dramatically faster than normal Hard Drives and some SSD’s. It fundamentally uses your RAM to speed your storage devices up. Ove. Apr 20,  · Apr 9, #1. I have been getting random freezes on my computer ever since We built my brand new computer. Computer freezes totally and just means so it may be deterred is by holding the charged power button for couple seconds. I narrowed the nagging issue right down to Ramcache II software which is sold with Asus Rog motherboard. I switched off ramcache for a and month. Download ASUS ROG Strix ZE Gaming RAMCache II Utility for Windows 10 bit (Motherboard).

Rog ramcache ii.Download ASUS ROG Strix ZE Gaming RAMCache II energy for Windows 10 64 bit

Apr 20,  · Apr 9, # 1. I have been getting random freezes on my computer ever since I built my new computer. Computer freezes totally and only way that it can be turned off is by holding the charged energy key for few seconds. We narrowed the problem down to Ramcache II software which comes with Asus Rog motherboard. I turned off ramcache for a month and. With RAM cache enabled: when system requests a file from disk – it loads from disk normally into memory, but additionally is copied into cache, so time that is next is requested from disk – it will be loaded from cache instead. when system requests writing to disk – file goes into cache and is written to disk at a specified interval (i set 60 sec). Le test est biaise par le taux d’ecriture de la movie via le mais that is disque principe de base est la.


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Ramcache II crashes computer. Thread starter crossoni begin date Apr 9, Forums Hardware Memory. JavaScript is disabled. For a much better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before continuing. Previous Next Type by votes.

Apr 9, 16 0 10 0. I have been getting freezes that are random my computer ever since I built my new computer. Computer freezes totally and only way that it can be turned off is by holding the power button for few seconds.

I switched off ramcache for a month plus the computer stopped freezing entirely then I switched it straight back on and this has now crashed every single day since. I ran memtest and it says that my memory is fine that is working so could this dilemma be SSD related or should I use several other software for ram caching?

I’ve tried MB that is allocating and on ram cache, but it crashed with both settings. I really want to use ram caching since it speeds up significantly many programs that I use. Dec 2, 38, , 8, maybe you have set up the most recent Bios? I am not to optimistic this can resolve the issue but you never know Have you tried upgrading to Ramcache v3? I updated my Bios again and I also updated all the drivers for my motherboard and so far there has not been any freezes in 1 so it seems that the problem is now fixed week.

We’ll report back if it starts freezing once more. Thanks for the assistance Popatim! Awesome, thanks for the enhance! You must log in or register to reply here. Memory 2 Jul 2, matter Installed Ram at 24GB but only Post thread.

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Discussion assistance Latest: NathanPC 1 minute ago. Question HD perhaps not working? Latest: dotas1 2 minutes ago. Moderators online. Tom’s Hardware is part of Future plc, an international media team and leading digital publisher. Visit our corporate site. All rights reserved. England and Wales company registration number Question How to stop pc crashing after ram upgrade. Apr 30, Apr 28, Question Just installed new RAM, experiencing crashing?

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