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CPU. 4 th Generation Intel ® Core™ i 1 0MQ Processor (2. 5 0GHz), 6MB L3 Cache. 4 th Generation Intel ® Core™ iMQ Processor (GHz), 6MB L3 Cache. 4 th Generation Intel ® Core™ iMQ Processor (GHz), 8MB L3 Cache. 4 th Generation Intel ® Core™ iMX Processor Extreme Edition (GHz), 8MB L3 Cache. Core Logic. Intel ® HM87 chipset. Sager Notebooks is reasonably limited gaming laptop brand name for gaming enthusiast seeking custom video gaming laptop computers and notebooks. Flick through our choice of gaming laptops that are best at CLEVO PSMA / SAGER NP ” FHD by pixels; Matte or Glossy; Backlight LED CLEVO PSMA / SAGER NP (Late ) ” FHD by pixels; Matte or Glossy; Backlight LED; Graphics: Upgradeable MXM b; single GPU ; Processor: socket based Haswell Intel CPU (up to iMX Extreme) AC Adapter: W standard for W GPUs.

Sager np8298.A Trusted Brand for Gaming Laptops | Sager Notebooks

Sager Notebooks is reasonably limited gaming laptop brand name for gaming lover in search of custom gaming laptops and notebooks. Flick through our choice of gaming laptops that are best at Sager Notebooks is a premium gaming laptop brand for gaming enthusiast looking for custom gaming laptops and notebooks. Browse through our selection of gaming laptops that are best at NP / Model number: PSM-A. OS explanation Version past modify Size Download; Audio: Windows 7: Audio Driver for Windows 7 32 BIT / 64 BIT: CPU. 4 th Generation Intel ® Core™ i 1 0MQ Processor (2. 5 0GHz), 6MB L3 Cache. 4 th Generation Intel ® Core™ iMQ Processor (GHz), 6MB L3 Cache. 4 th Generation Intel ® Core™ iMQ Processor (GHz), 8MB L3 Cache. 4 th Generation Intel ® Core™ iMX Processor Extreme Edition (GHz), 8MB L3 Cache. Core Logic. Intel ® HM87 chipset.

SAGER NP8298 Replacement Laptop Battery Li-ion 14.8V 5200mAh Black
[Review] HTWingNut summary of Sager NP / Clevo PSM-A | NotebookReview
NP8298 Battery, SAGER NP8298 Laptop Battery

Join or Sign up. A lot of the remainder laptop computer remains unchanged from last year’s model but there are subtle distinctions that will be covered in this review also. I did review the PSM variation with all the m last June , while internally it’s pretty much normal with the PSM, the PSM offers added lighting towards the touchpad and other locations.

This review shall focus on the PSM-A. Laptop Sager: The Hotkey software has been completely revamped from previous versions as has the backlight programming application. More information is provided in the computer software section of this review. Motorists Machines configured with Windows 8. All motorists for Windows 8. A little bright chrome “SAGER” logo design adorns the top of the lid, and can actually be optioned to be eliminated through the laptop computer setup from Sager resellers.

A surface that is rubberized the top of the lid as well as on the laptop base around the multi-color backlit keyboard, and across the touchpad. A speaker grille bar runs above the top of the keyboard with three status indicator lights on each relative part that illuminate blue when active. On left it has Num Lock, Alpha Lock, and Scroll Lock lights, with energy key next to them, while regarding the rights sits the hard drive, airplane mode, and dedicated GPU active light.

The bezel surrounding the LCD is relatively slim, and it is a smooth plastic surface. The bottom of the laptop is grained plastic. The LCD hinge is rigid only requiring a little effort to open and near, but company enough that typing and minor vibrations do not affect it. Overall the operational system feels sturdy and robust.

Along the front are the battery pack and power indicator lights sitting near the right side. Along the right from rear to front sit a Kensington lock slot, USB 2. The optical drive bay sits just forward of those. Ports across the laptop: The Synaptics touchpad surface, as mentioned above, is rubberized, which can make finger dragging need more effort than desired. Mosue secrets are divided from the touchpad with individual presses, and a fingerprint audience situated between your two touchpad mouse tips.

One and two little finger control is enabled using this touchpad including two-finger scrolling, rotating, and pinch zoom.

So far there haven’t been any touchpad that is accidental while using the laptop. The location of the touchpad is also in a good location. It isn’t quite devoted to the laptop nor focused underneath the keys that are main but a compromise between. The CPU and GPU each have their own fan and heatpipes and are separated by a considerable distance so thermals from a single must not impact one other.

The heatpipes are quick and simply eliminated by switching a philips that are few screws. The 2. The other mSATA slot is clearly visible once the main bottom panel is eliminated. Screws exist already in place to secure the mSATA drives should you decide to add one on your own. Removing the keyboard requires a bit more finesse, but generally just popping off the speaker bezel and removing the 5 screws securing the keyboard allows the user to pull up the keyboard to gain access to the other elements.

Two Onkyo stereo speakers will also be situated under this grille, while the subwoofer that is small located just forward of the GPU fan underneath the laptop. The battery location has not changed and is still in the lower left corner, and easily removed with two fall latches. Keyboard Clevo continues to use the exact same keyboard considering that the EM series a few years back, but it is nevertheless a keyboard that is solid. Key travel just isn’t too deep, quiet, and very comfortable to type with.

Few to no missed keystrokes occured during typing of the review or during basic use. The backlighting can be configured to a number that is large of across three zones on keyboard: left, center, right. One area, however, that was improved on greatly is the improvement in pc software to program the backlighting. More information with this is discussed later on in the Software section. The function key for activating system functions i. It would be nice to see Clevo revamp the keyboard a little bit. It is not uncommon to unintentionally place your computer to sleep when using the function key to lessen volume or mute it.

LCD Sager offers a true number of quality screen options. Screen contrast and brightness are very good, and also the matte treatment undoubtedly helps reduce any glare or reflection considerably. Nonetheless, viewing angles suffer a little, but are wide enough for 2 people to sit hand and hand and never notice a lot of a color change.

Colors from the package seemed just a little cold, but effortlessly adjustable with an LCD calibration. It’s completely fine for gaming with a reported pixel response time of 6ms. No dead or pixels that are stuck obvious.

This LCD can also be a good choice for gaming due to its low 2ms response time. Storage As noted in the operational system requirements, this machine comes with one 2. Whatever the case, always check the performance out of the Samsung Pro. Speakers and Audio Clevo continues to provide the Onkyo 2. Sound quality is average and volume is respectable, them to overpower chatter at a party although you won’t be using.

The subwoofer is enough to carry some sense of bass, although such a tiny chamber won’t create any really deep or bass that is powerful. While most of the same features are available, the GUI has been changed and in my opinion that is humble notably. The visuals, nonetheless are much larger. It fills at least half associated with p screen, and would likely fill the entire display screen of a x display.

In any case, the buttons are big, clear, and straight forward to use. What comes up are the four main power modes: peaceful, energy saving, performance, and entertainment, which respectively adjusts system settings like fan rate, Central Processing Unit and GPU speeds to meet up with the specified requirements. Any changes made under each one of these modes are conserved. Each mode have actually three sub modes: system program, device, and video gaming. System Program sub mode provides adjustment of this amount, display brightness, power preservation mode, rest switch function, along with changing desktop history, switching displays, and time zones.

The product sub mode brings up devices that are installed the machine that can be toggled on and off, on this system it’s the touchpad and camera. Gaming sub mode offers toggling the left Windows key on or off, setting fan speed to maximum or automatic, and headphone setting to Music, Game, Theater, or Direct. The keyboard backlight software can also be accessed from here. Click below images to enlarge, browser back arrow to return to examine: Keyboard Backlight Software Three sets of configurable keyboard backlight settings could be saved.

You will find three backlight zones regarding the keyboard, really left, center, and right, each could be modified individually from a color palette that is large. An 8 color palette is also available for easy picking of the colors that are primary. While this laptop that is specific perhaps not contain a backlit touchpad, that may be adjusted using this software also.

Other presets may be chosen for a few lighting that is dynamic flash, tempo, dance, wave, cycle, breathe, and custom. A graphical representation of the keyboard is shown on the display, but also changes the keyboard backlighting real time it to so you can see what you’re setting. I have found that the red in the keyboard looks more red, but besides that, it’s fairly true to the colors shown.

It’s essentially a media player with a few data and video clip back-up capability. I’m perhaps not certain if this computer software comes it doesn’t matter what optical drive you get or not, but this system came with a blu-ray player, which this software will allow you to play. BioExcess BioExcess is the fingerprint reader software. It’s pretty straight forward and easy to program, making logging in a quick process. Nothing much else to state. Surface heat measurements are going to be taken on the laptop computer palm rest and keyboard as well as below the Central Processing Unit and GPU beneath the laptop, and also the PSU during heavy loads.

A dBA meter are utilized to take a couple of fan noise measurements for reference at idle, full fan speed, and gaming that is typical. It’s basically a free MHz due to improvements in efficiencies in their manufacturing processes. Mainly what exactly is being tested here is the comparison between the iMQ and this iMQ that is refreshed stock, checking CPU for any performance or thermal improvements at stock speed. In general the performance and thermal gain is marginal, but power consumption of the operational system was dropped somewhat when testing just CPU heavy applications.

Benchmark results are the following: Cinebench The iMQ maintained 3. CPU speed had been 3. But, the top end cards like the m are still built with the Kepler architecture and still offer excellent performance for the dollar. But in either full instance it will make no distinction in performance.

An overclocked m pushed the limits of the W power supply, and same is the case this time around with the stock clock m, which is to be expected considering the m is effectively an overclocked m as was found last year. The 17″ version of a W is included by this laptop power supply, which may relieve a number of the concern of this PSU runing at peak load during some video gaming sessions. Of course it is usually possible to search out power that is alternate, but i’d do so with care as to not damage one’s body.

Although the typical nVidia software overclock and overvolt choices appear in nVidia Inspector and MSI Afterburner, even setting greater clocks or voltages didn’t end up in quicker core clock speeds.

It absolutely was also clear that the GPU would not improve during any benchmarking either. Granted specified boost speed is just 50MHz higher than stock clocks, so improvement that is performance be marginal.

The latest GPU-Z as with this writing, version 0. Only thing I am able to attribute it to is driver improvement that is massive. Nonetheless, the game standard outcomes differ extremely. We attribute this to driver updates. The m was tested with much newer drivers compared to m or m so that as games are targeted for improvements indivdually, it might probably well be the explanation.

Samsung One rolling display concept phone
fourteen.08.2021 [05:45],
Pavel Kotov

Flexible electronic devices is one of the most promising areas, which, nevertheless, is still laboratory fun, technologies of this kind have not yet entered the market. In the future, they shall enable you to produce devices with large displays that can be comfortably carried in your pocket, and these devices will not hinder motion.

The concept of these a tool was created by a designer named Yejin Jeon, the ongoing work was named Samsung One. The device is a scroll of flexible touchscreen that is stored in a housing that is pen-like. In this mode, the device has only the basic functions of a mobile phone, which are controlled on the touch panel, it covers the body of the gadget.

However if necessary, the owner of the Samsung One can take out a flexible display from the situation, which rests here in a twisted state. The screen unfolds to its full size that is 6-inch which is significantly more than smartpads just like the Galaxy Note. But there clearly was no space for productive electronics and large drives beneath the instance, so that the writer of the idea decided so it would make sense to move this duty to external resources. In other words, Samsung One is controlled by a “cloud” operating system, all applications are launched through the “cloud”, and all user data is stored in it.

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