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HID Compliant Touch..Sony Vaio Pro Touch: touchscreen display not working

7 rows�� Apr 30, �� At the user account control display, click yes. the package provides the installation. VAIO Touch Search Update (Windows 64bit, Windows 8 64bit) Release Date: 04/18/ 04/18/ Realtek Memory Card Reader Writer Driver Update (Windows 10 64bit, Windows 64bit) Release Date: 01/09/ IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: VAIO Care Premium Tools Service Ending September Security Update for VAIO Update Program End of support notification for products using the Windows XP operating system.

Sony vaio touch screen driver.Software & motorists

During the “NextWindow Touchscreen Display, Ver. ” display screen, click “Next”. During the “License Agreement” dialog, browse the agreement, then, if you agree, click “I Agree” to continue with the installation. At the “Finished” screen, click “Finish”. The installation of the NextWindow Touch Screen Driver is complete. Nov 11, �� I suggest you to uninstall the touch drivers from device manager and restart the system and verify that it can help. To uninstall the touch motorists stick to the actions below: Press Windows + X key. Through the jump menu select Device Manager. Head to Human Interface Devices. Choose the touch driver. Right select and click uninstall. Restart the PC. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: VAIO Care Premium Tools Service Ending September Security Update for VAIO Update Program End of support notification for products using the Windows XP operating system.

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Sony Vaio Hid Compliant Touchscreen Display Bit Driver Download
Touch Screen on my Vaio SVP1321WSNB not working after upgrading to windows 10.
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Touchscreen on my Vaio SVPWSNB no longer working after updating to – Microsoft Community

FlyingTortoise asked a concern. Require help logging in? Sony Group Site. Sony Design. Sony Professional. All Electronics. See Professional Products and Systems. Where you can buy Find your nearest Sony store to view our latest products. Browse now Sony videos View product releases and tutorials on our YouTube channel!

View now. Favourites Research Sony Sony Websites. Search Sony. Toggle SideBar. Sign in to inquire of town. Website Help More. View This Post. 19, at PM. Sony Vaio Pro Hi, The touch screen for my Sony Vaio Pro 13 Touch suddenly stopped working two days ago and I have no idea how to fix it october. I didn’t install anything new before it stopped working, and I tried to install all the new drivers on the VAIO update but it still didn’t work.

We thought it could be due to Windows so I updated to Windows 8. On the PC info it even says” Pen abd touch: No pen or touch input is available for this display”.

Please assistance! Do I need to install or update my motorist? By the real way, very creative in creating user name “FlyingTortoise. Hi FlyingTortoise, Was there any changes prior to touch screen not working?

Like installing hardware or software? If that still does not resolve issue. Hi Nick, No I did not change anything prior to the touch screen not working. I also cannot restore since the only restore point I have actually is on every day following the touch screen not working. Will there be really simply no other way than to put it back to factory condition?

That’s really depressing since I just got this laptop and already it’s not working Hi FlyingTortoise, Also, have you run all vaio and windows updates after installing windows 8. Or even, achieve this. Since the touchscreen drivers is built into windows itself.

Then i have installed all of those updates if so. And I also installed the updates from the Windows Update application. I was looking at the other discussion forums and one of them suggested to uninstall a driver completely and reinstalling it again to fix a certain problem. I am wondering if that method would work for my also issue.

Nevertheless the nagging problem is I don’t know where the source of the problem is so I don’t know what to uninstall. Then right click on it and left click uninstall and reboot the computer to let windows rebuilt the drivers. Hi Nick, Still no go The only thing I tried uninstalling and reinstalling that but nothing under it was Sony Firmware Extension Parser Device, and. Could this be a hardware problem? Then there is something wrong here if does not.

Maybe it’s that the system did perhaps not come with Touchscreen or hardware malfunctions or something with Windows. Hi Nick, I restored it towards the factory settings I didn’t have many files on there anyway since I just bought this laptop. But to no avail; the touch screen still does not work. It’s back to Windows that is using 8 Computer information still says No pen or touch input designed for this device.

We guess the thing left to do is find time and take it back again to the shop and hopefully have it fixed Im into the exact situation that is same Mine worked for some time the suddenly stopped, therefore I did the next -Full factory reset Touchscreen not working -Full enhance via Windows Update and vaio Update Touchscreen maybe not working -Upgrade to 8.

I’ve a Vaio Fit 15E with exactly the problem that is same. I had just installed a Canon MP printer driver, and also this could be related. It appears to result in the HID compliant devices to don’t install. Nonetheless removing the printer driver don’t correct the problem.

I’ve the laptop that is same. I has the same problem but fixed it by turning off then wiping display screen using the fabric. Hop it will help. However, I haven’t gotten any more than that. My touchscreen was working a hours that are few, but now it’s not. Every time I click on the “Pen the option is known by me used to be there to calibrate display and fix it, however now it’s gone.

I gave up with mine and took it back. We now have an HP, no touchscreen display. There is certainly plainly an issue with Windows 8 and touch screens. So after my post last night I did a manual look for windows updates utilizing the windows improvement manager, and discovered a few optional updates. The attempt that is first install unsuccessful, but it was because I was utilizing Device Manager.

I shut Device Manager, and restarted the updates, and they worked fine. I rebooted, and also the touchscreen was working again. No issue since Hi themantheycallc, Any modifications done with the unit ahead of the touchscreen issue happened?

What operating system are you using? The only changes I’ve made to the device will be the recommended people The box that the laptop came in said it absolutely was one model number, however the laptop computer it self claims another. We’ll try to make every effort to post both right here. In addition, i did so a method restore to about a before the problem started, and then reloaded the windows updates that were available again, and I was able to adjust the settings week. Hi, I have the problem that is same.

The touchscreen stopped working. I think it must be a software issue. I already did a operational system restore and de- and reinstalled the display motorist.

Considering that the operational system Recovery might not solve the issue what else can I do? Are there any special drivers I could need? Appears that I am not the only costumer with this problem. Anyhow I spent a lot of money for a Sony end that is high and it’s also the very first time I am disappointed. I have e. All products that are fine. Though I think this might be a fault from Microsoft and never from Sony. Please help. Regards Bernhard. Sorry for the wait MarkPa, it’s a Sony Vaio laptop, but the model on the base associated with the laptop computer isn’t similar because the one in the field it arrived in I do not think my panel is defective.

Bernhard, whenever did this presssing issue started to happen? You have the option never to install these updates unless you want to update to Windows 8. All the drivers and Windows files must be updated. Every day maybe between last week and last month since i do not use the touchscreen. So I can’t say it happend after a particular update. You have perhaps a driver for the screen that i could install WIN 8. do?

MarkPa, The touch screen is working fine.

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