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Jul 04,  · The Fantastic Fivesome. Truly the only fivesome there is is for a DotA competition. If you want to de-sexualize women in games, cool, but advertising a game like it ends in sex and then shitting on someone who paid hard earned cash for it is scummy, no go. Idle Aug 31, @ am. Mar 18,  · If you enjoyed please click the “Like” button it really helps me out!Part 2: ?v=6-Ki5FIc3zETwitter: Feb 06,  · The Fantastic Fivesome is Baller Industries’s first ever dating game. It stands out from other dating games in three extremely important means: ing System: or windows 7 bit.

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Browse NOTE + Q & a responses from the tale GREAT FIVESOME | txt by yeontoons (?) with 3, reads. taehyun, groupchat, crackfic. lemme simply apologize for bei. Jul 04,  · The Fantastic Fivesome. The sole fivesome there clearly was is for a DotA competition. If you wish to de-sexualize ladies in games, cool, but marketing a casino game want it leads to intercourse and then shitting on somebody who paid hard earned cash for it is scummy, no go. Idle Aug 31, @ am. Study 0 1 9 through the tale GREAT FIVESOME | txt by yeontoons (?) with 2, reads. gay, hueningkai, yeongyu. omg sorry i havent updated this in some time man.

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Where hueningkai arbitrarily puts Yeonjun makes their method to their door that is front opening the door to come face to face with an impatient looking Beomgyu holding three pizza boxes, with a hueningkai on his left and a taehyun on his right. Except for Yeonjun me buy it since he went out of his way to make. I didn’t say all of them.

We made sure I didn’t ‘cus We knew ya’ll would act like this. If I bought the pizza, it’s my fucking pizza. Surprisingly, a quiet moment goes by, something that seldom happens when all five of these men are together and Beomgyu finally notices how peaceful Yeonjun and Soobin are now being, and how both are sitting on far contrary ends associated with the couch while hueningkai sits in between.

Beomgyu grabs a greasy pizza slice before using it to point at Yeonjun who seems to be spaced out. And you look gayer then usual. I could just kick you and your shitty ass pineapple pizza outta here, so you can either hand me a pizza, or try and make me say please again and see what happens. Beomgyu chuckles as he provides in to the yeonjun that is sassy handing over a barbecue pizza to the silver haired boy.

After plenty of debating on what to accomplish next, the five be satisfied with several rounds with this old racing video game. Soobin nods, “True. Soobin fulfills Beomgyu’s mischievous smirk with baffled eyes. The Watty Awards. Take To Premium. Log in Register. New Reading List.

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